Fun with Dick and Jane: Former VP turns bank robber

On Tuesday night, 34 year old Bruce W. Higgins Jr., was arrested in Washington D.C. on charges of armed robbery and being a fugitive. According to police, Higgins is suspected of stealing money from two branches of SunTrust bank, one in Arlington, Virginia, and the other in Washington. In both cases, Higgins apparently handed a teller a note in which he asked for money and indicated that he had a weapon.

There are a few things that separate Higgins' story from that of the average, run-of-the-mill bank robber. One is that, unlike the stereotypical thief, Higgins has a Linked-in profile. On it, he indicates that he is a Senior VP for IT Strategy at Silo Smashers, a DC-area consulting firm. Upon further analysis, however, it appears that Higgins may need to update his profile: apparently, he was promoted from VP for IT to Senior Vice President for Business Development. In 2007, however, he was fired from the company.