Recession good for mice and cockroaches


While many lose, somebody always benefits in a recession: Debt collectors, movie theaters, and sometimes diners who can find a good deal. Add to that list mice, cockroaches and other such pests.

Residential and commercial pest control industry customers are saving money by cutting back on regular exterminations, which can lead to more vermin later, according to a New York Times story.

Restaurants may not be cutting back because they face steep fines if health officials find violations, but apartment landlords and office buildings are cutting back services, exterminators told the Times.

The story quoted Robert Agatowski, who owns an extermination company in Manhattan, who talked with a general manager of a business:

"He said, 'It's very simple. I don't know if we can make the rent or the payroll,'" Agatowski said. "'So in other words, you're out. We'll step on the bugs and kick the mice.' The exterminating almost becomes like a luxury item."

I don't care what the cost. Getting rid of mice and cockroaches isn't a luxury. The pests will multiply if not taken care of regularly, the exterminators said.