Ruth Madoff wants to keep her assets - talk about chutzpah!


A $7 million penthouse on Manhattan's Upper East Side, some $45 million in municipal bonds, and $17 million at Wachovia Bank. These are the assets Ruth Madoff, wife to $50 billion Ponzi scheme fraudster Bernard Madoff, wants to keep. Sure, if I were in her place, I'd love to keep such assets too.

This is outrageous. How are any of the assets -- the couple's assets that is -- "unrelated" to the $50 billion fraud? Did he keep a book where he kept track of what assets he (they) bought with what money? This apartment with Elie Weisel foundation's money, this penthouse with my honest and hard-earned salary? I mean, we all know how these things work -- put the apartment in your wife's name so that creditors (and in this case prosecutors) won't be able to touch it. But what if the wife doesn't work? What if there's no way she's ever made that much money on her own to have such assets? Or, as in this case, what if she worked with her husband, knowingly helping or not?