Real Estate Today radio show: Better than you'd expect


Given what's transpired over the past couple years, the National Association of Realtors has about as much credibility as the Soviet Union's ministry of propaganda.

The group recently announced the launch of Real Estate Today, which is somewhat of a misnomer because it's a weekly radio show. But hey: Realtors are no strangers to calling homes with no roofs as "filled with natural light." You can listen to it online -- as I am right now -- and it's better than you might think. It features callers who are badly underwater, market reports on how bad things are, and information on timely topics like short sales and taking advantage of homebuyer tax credits.

Of course it has its share of pro-Realtor hype: "Call a Realtor!" "You might want to log-on to REALTOR.COM!" But if you can tune that out, there's still a fair amount of interesting, good stuff on this show, and coverage of real estate topics in a level of detail that Suze Orman doesn't have time to get into.

You can listen to the show online by clicking here.