Resist the urge to coupon splurge


One of the few problems with coupons is that they can lead to overspending. Most of us will clip a superfluous coupon rather than pass it by, if only because of our primal urge to stockpile.

Plus it's just too hard to pass up $5 off an anything. No matter whether we need it, or have ever purchased the product in the past. We MIGHT use it, we rationalize. Better safe than sorry.

Cleaning out an overstuffed coupon drawer filled with expired coupons is when the sorrow usually kicks in.

Thankfully this is a simple problem to fix. No matter what you are clipping coupons for, just say no to ones that don't fit your needs. If you don't normally buy a product or can't substitute a discounted product for something you regularly use, don't waste your time cutting it out. By not clipping it you'll remove the in-aisle temptation to splurge.