Realtors respond to new mindset with fewer adjectives

With so many Americans in foreclosure and tales of executive junkets at Aspen mansions attracting Congressional scrutiny and media scorn, selling a home on its lavish lifestyle and luxury features seems almost rude.

The New York Timesreports that "The new propriety frowns at luxury, lifestyle and the fetishistic focus on designer brands and architects. Instead, brokers say they are trying to recast their listings in terms of responsible spending, comfort and, most especially, value."

It seems funny: Historically real estate agents have peppered listings with phrases like "won't last long!" to describe a house that's "about to fall down" and "Luxurious custom-kitchen" to describe crayon marks on the refrigerator. But with luxury passe and a new focus on value, phrases like "tasteful," "elegant" and the overused "green-friendly!" are making more appearances than bubble buzz-words like "lifestyle" and "all the luxuries."

If you're in the hunt for a house and feel confused by all the lingo, check out this useful (and occasionally hilarious) real estate euphemism glossary from the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents. A couple of my favorites:

This will go fast: Might have been believable in the first 30 days, but one home with this description had been on the market 247 days.

Very bright sunny home:
Can mean there is not a tree in sight.

What are some of your favorite real estate euphemisms?