New web site offers entrepreneurs a lifeline and a chance to pay it forward


In this day and age, we can always use a little help. So my guess is that this is a web site that could catch on:

It's a free web site for anyone who runs a business. Basically, you fill out a form in which you explain what your company needs. Perhaps you need some legal advice, or maybe you could use some PR for your new product. Or, sure, maybe you need half a million dollars or a new printer. I guess it can't hurt to ask.

In any case, you fill out the form, and hopefully then you go fill out the other form, where you explain what you can offer for free to another business.

And the idea is that you can look and see what other companies need, and if you can fulfill that need and have the desire, you contact them. Meanwhile, maybe someone will be on the lookout for you.

It's doubtful you'll get that half a million dollars--every business is out to make money, not lose it--but someone may have a new printer that they're willing to give you.

The business model, so far, anyway, seems to be built on karma. If you could use or need some, and you're an entrepreneur, it may be worth checking out.