"Miracle" water eliminates need for Windex, Lysol, bleach, and even Evian


The L.A. Times tells America about a brilliant new miracle cleaning solution. It degreases. It sanitizes food. It kills salmonella, E. coli, listeria, and athlete's foot. In short, it has the potential of doing away with a shelf full of chemicals.

What is it? Tap water. Electrolyzed water, to be exact. The recipe is simple as a snake-oil pitch: mix tap water and table salt and zap with an electric current, creating an alkaline liquid. In fact, it's so easy that if you don't feel like sanitizing your floors with it, you can safely drink it--in fact, some studies say that if you do, you'll absorb vitamins better and mice live longer. The ramifications for the environment are obvious.

Does it work? A professor of food science at the University of Georgia says it's ten times more effective than bleach at killing bacteria, and his study backs him up. The FDA, EPA, and Department of Agriculture have all approved it for a bunch of uses.

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