Fed-up shop owner rents historical district spot to sex boutique

An Alexandria, Va. shop owner, frustrated by a two-year struggle with local government regulations impeding his renovation, has rented out the storefront to a sex boutique. According to the Washington Post, the shop, Le Tache (in English,The Spot), stands in Old Town amid stores with storied histories reaching back to the days when the first presidents were known to visit nearby Gadsby's Tavern.

For the owner, Michael Zarlenga, the final straw came when, after two years of planning, the architectural review board ruled he could not alter his historical storefront to accommodate expansion of his fishing and hunting
business. By this time, Zarlenga had already dropped $350,000 on plans for the renovations. While nearby store owners are aghast at the intrusion of the sex shop, the owner of Le Trache told the Post its business has been brisk. While the city of Alexandria looks for a way to force out the shop, Zarlenga plans to sell the property to the owner of the boutique.

Insofar as the business of sex is as historical as the story of man, perhaps the boutique fits into the district better than the confounding fathers might imagine.

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