No sub for you! Troubles with Quiznos' free sandwich promotion, and now, a company response!


Are you having trouble redeeming your coupon for a free sub from Quiznos for its Million Sub promotion? A lot of people are. From our WalletPop readers not being able to print the coupon, to Consumerist, and

The complaint box is as stuffed as a 12-incher. The most common one is manager-made signs of refusal (often misspelled) being taped up at the counter. Other beefs include managers who restrict redeemers to the cheapest part of the menu, in contradiction of the coupon, which specifically gives customers two menus from which to choose. Still more complaints involve a bait-and-switch requiring the purchase of a drink and chips, too.

Changing the terms of an offer at the checkout counter is unethical to say the least, and possibly illegal, but apparently no one has given Quiznos managers, many of whom are already teetering on the brink in this economy, a crash course in law.