Growth Matters: GeckoGo takes you places you've never been


With all the gloom in the global economy, I got to wondering whether there is anything else going on in the world of business. I'm looking for growth because I think that's what will ultimately bring the economy out of the doldrums. Not surprisingly, that growth is coming from technology companies. In Growth Matters, I look at consumer technology companies that point the way to growth trends -- and in the process introduce services and products you may want to explore


If you're an independent traveler who likes to go to out of the way places, you don't have to plan your trip alone. That's because thanks to GeckoGo, you can benefit from the wisdom and experiences of others who have been there before. As its co-founder, Pokin Yueng, explained to me, "GeckoGo's goal is to ensure that when travelers plan their trip, they know that they are making the best decisions on where to go, when to go, and what to do there."