Geithner tells Lehrer recovery plans 'absolutely going to work'


Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told NPR NewsHour host Jim Lehrer that the administration's plans "absolutely are going to work" and that "we're going to keep at it" until they do. He went on to tell Lehrer, "I am deeply offended by the quality of judgments we've seen in the leadership of our nation's financial institutions. They caused a very damaging loss of confidence. They created a deep hole of public distrust and anger, which is enormously damaging."

What we do now "we do not do for the banks. It's all for the benefits of people who depend on the banks," he said. Geithner believes the U.S. government must act aggressively to get credit markets unfrozen so that small businesses can borrow the money they need to bid on the projects that will be part of the stimulus bill passed by Congress and help get people back to work. He also said this credit will enable people to get mortgages or buy cars.