Topless coffee shop: Where caffeine is less stimulating than, well...


While it's not strictly recommended to let children drink caffeinated beverages, it's rare that a coffee shop restricts its fare to the over-18 set. If it were any other sort of business, I'd be up their protesting my kids' right to drink coffee (my two youngest children love the stuff), but I think I'll let the gentlemen of Vassalboro, Maine keep their Grand View Topless Coffee Shop to themselves.

In the time-honored tradition of other titillating temples of Turkish beverages (remember the "bodacious baristas" in Seattle and the Sexxpresso shop in Las Vegas), customers are asked to keep their cameras and their hands to themselves while they're served coffee and a view. It's not just for men, either; according to waitress Susie Wiley, customers have included men, women and couples.

And don't think you're getting one of those fancy espresso drinks; all the Grand View sells is New England Coffee at $3 a cup, and doughnuts for $2 each. Need a place to, ummm, hang out before it's a respectable hour to sip a cocktail at a topless bar? Make sure you bring cash. That's all the Topless Coffee Shop accepts; and the waitresses work for tips only.

I'm thinking this establishment doesn't need a funny sign on its tip jar.