Michael Phelps speaking engagement canceled

Power Within Inc., a Toronto-based motivational speaking promoter has canceled Michael Phelps appearances in Calgary and Vancouver because of the picture that shows him smoking marijuana.

In a statement, the company said that "Due to widely publicized alleged use of marijuana by Michael Phelps, the decision has been made to present the program without Mr. Phelps' participation."

It seems incredibly stupid: All the publicity surrounding the Phelps photo has probably made him a hotter commodity than ever, and quite a few event attendees will probably be unhappy that Phelps has been replaced by Martin Sheen at one of the events. There's a definite drop-off there, wouldn't you say?

The whole Phelps flap seems so silly: He's being uninvited from an event because of a photo that depicted him doing something 42% of Americans have also done.

In other Phelps news, Cannabis Culture Magazine Editor Marc Emery is encouraging its readership to boycott Kellogg for dropping the star swimmer.

College students are also handing out fliers encouraging a Kellogg boycott. That's all well and good, but I have to wonder: Aren't there more important social justice issues than one millionaire athlete losing one of his many, many endorsement deals?
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