Third time's the charm for AIG? Doubtful.

Yes, folks, that's right. The awesome institution that is American International Group (AIG) has now gone to the United States government for a third handout. You might remember that little old bailout given to AIG last year worth $85 billion. In no time, AIG went back to the feds and got its welfare upped to $150 billion.

Now the company is back at the trough, looking for more billions paid for by the taxpayers. How did we get here? Seriously. This bailout madness is just insane. It started out that certain companies like AIG were "too important to fail." Well they keep failing even with all the federal money they're getting, and I'm wondering when enough is enough.

Does anyone really think these morons running AIG deserve a third gift from us? I happen to think they didn't deserve the first or the second. I tend to think that I deserve to keep my own money based on my hard work, and that I shouldn't have to give it to idiots in suits. But who am I? Just a little old accountant trying to make a buck. Maybe if I were smarter, I'd be an executive at a continuously-failing company like AIG, getting the feds to do the dirty work of stealing your money and turning it over to me.
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