Survey says: More teens volunteer than work


A new World Vision survey suggests that 56% of teens volunteer to support a charitable cause compared with just 39% who have a part-time job.

World Vision conducted telephone interviews with 2,0003 US adults and 82% said that the teens in their lives did something to support charity -- although that something could be as limited as wearing a button or joining a group on Facebook.

Anecdotal evidence suggests a resurgence of interest in volunteerism, with some suggesting that President Obama's emphasis on public service is actually inspiring people, especially young people, to go out and get involved.

That's all well and good but what is troubling to me is the majority of American teenagers who aren't working part-time. We're hearing enormous amounts of rhetoric about how hard it is for young people to pay for college but think about it: 61% are making literally no effort to help themselves. I know the job market is tough but that more than half of teens were avoiding part-time work even when the economy was booming and for ambitious young go-getters willing to do just about anything for a check, there are jobs available.