Circuit City liquidators selling shattered TVs, other junk, at high prices


WalletPop readers already know that the Circuit City liquidation sales are to a good deal as pigs are to flying, but the last week has shown that Circuit City shoppers face a bigger threat than paying too much -- the threat ofbroken merchandise.

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As the retailer enters its death throes, it has been smashing up merchandise and selling it "as-is" to unsuspecting customers. To add insult to injury, the broken merchandise can't be returned to Circuit City or be fixed under warranty by the manufacturer!

The Boston Channel Reports that at least one shopper ended up with a completely shattered HDTV after returning home from a bargain hunting expedition to Circuit City. Repairs for the $1,100 Samsung LCD, which neither Circuit City nor Samsung would cover, cost the couple more than $2,000, leaving them rightfully peeved!