'The Property Shop' shows the dangers of dual-agency in real estate


As anyone who read my review of the premiere of HGTV's new series The Property Shop knows, I'm not a big fan of the show or the antics of its star real estate broker Tatiana Londono.

Yet somehow I can't stop tuning in every Thursday at 10:30 PM ET. On the latest episode, Tatiana takes the listing on a duplex, even though she admits to believing that it's overpriced by $100,000 at $459,000. A young couple comes in and wants to offer $409,000, and Tatiana takes the potential buyer on as a client, making her a dual-agent, representing both the seller and the buyer in the same transaction. Tatiana suggests that they start with an offer of $380,000 and then heads back to the sellers' home to present it.

That's where it gets interesting: The sellers rejects the $380,000 offer and then Tatiana tells them straight-up that her buyer is willing to go into the 4's on the home.