Picks and Pans: Intuit looking good into tax season, Crox out of fashion

Following a horrendous week in the stock market, many investors may want to shy away now. But could this be the exactly right time to get back into the stock market? If you decide it is, here are a few suggestion, as well as some warning, from BloggingStocks and around the Web:

Crocs (CROX) isn't a buy, warns Stephen Mallas, despite the earnings beat, which had the stock soaring over 10%. The numbers are just too dismal and "given that this is a company whose fortunes are based on the fickle consumer fashion, I'd say that this is an easy decision: do not give in to the temptation to gamble with Crocs. You just don't know how low it'll sink."

Intuit (INTU) has a diversified revenue base, which allowed it to post nice earnings. With $802 million in the bank and continued strong free cash flows, it is in an enviable position, says Tom Taulli. "The company can continue to make incremental investments in its product line as well as buy out ailing competitors."

The New York Times (NYT) may not make it through the year, warns Alex Salkever. "Even after suspending the dividend, NYT will struggle to be cash-flow positive, particularly considering it has to service a crushing 14% interest burden."

The Coca-Cola Company (KO) is part metrics-play/part intuitive-play, says Joseph Lazarro. Coca-Cola is a low-risk stock. It has a "demonstrated business model in established markets, with reasonably predictable earnings. Typically, that's not the stuff of investor elation: in these times, it's a scarce commodity."

Loews (L)'s stock has tumbled 56% this year and now trades at about 39% below estimated asset value of $34 a share -- a far steeper discount than the 20% average of the past two years. The stock actually offers a "double discount," so now may be a good time to jump in, according to Barron's.

IBM (IBM) yields 2.2%, Conoco Phillips (COP) yields 4.4%, and Terra Nitrogen (TNH) yields 9.8%. These are Jim Cramer's favored dividend stocks.

NVR (NVR) and M.D.C. Holdings (MDC) are two of several builders Kiplingers suggest as they are the most-conservative builders and the best positioned to thrive once the economy rebounds.
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