NYT attacks Rupert Murdoch for his love of newspapers - irony, anyone?

In Sunday's New York Times, Tim Arango and Richard Pérez-Peña reported on News Corp (NWS), Rupert Murdock's media empire. Noting the two-thirds drop in its stock value over the past year, as well as the $8.4 billion in write-downs that it recently took, Arango and Pérez-Peña opined that Murdock's "soft spot for print" may prove to be his company's undoing.

Irony is a beautiful thing, particularly when it is paired with schadenfreude. The fact that The New York Times (NYT), a famously embattled company, has found delight in Murdoch's failing fortunes is ironic. The fact that their primary criticism of the businessman lies in his love of newspapers is absolutely beautiful. The Times has a good point: in the current economic climate, newspapers are a very questionable investment. However, considering that the Times is itself a newspaper, this is roughly comparable to a girl criticizing her boyfriend because he only dates ugly women.