Best-selling American cars for 2009 - The list might surprise you


As is often the case, hard data often lays media spin to waste. The current list of best selling cars for 2009 is a prime example of this. Current consumer purchasing trends in motor vehicles make clear that the green movement media is lying to you about what people really want to buy and drive. For those armchair media anchor people, who claim that America's auto industry is failing because it doesn't understand what people really want, I hereby dedicate the following list to them. I sourced this information from AOL Autos.

The number one vehicle purchased in the United States thus far in 2009, is none other than Ford's F150 pick-up truck. Although F-150 sales are off a little over 39% year on year, people still want them. Ford Motor Co has moved over 25,000 units so far this year.

Holding a close second place on the 2009 best sellers list is Chevrolet's Silverado pick-up truck. Sales of these trucks are off by a little over 33% year on year, but Chevrolet has moved nearly 24,000 of these units thus far in 2009.