Family in danger of losing cave home to repo man

Bad news for those of you who have threatened to abandon civilization and go live in a cave; even that might not be a safe haven from the mortgage meltdown. A cave dweller Missouri is in danger of losing his cave within 90 days to the repo man. Curt Sleeper of Festus, Missouri has listed his 17,000 square foot burrow on ebay. If you're interested in joining the subterranean life style, the home will set you back a cool $300 grand, as a starting bid.

The cave was originally a mine tunnel, then converted to a roller rink and music venue where the likes of Ike and Tina Turner and Ted Nugent played. Sleeper bought the cave on ebay in 2004.

He has since converted the cave into a three-chambered home. The outermost chamber is a three-bedroom home with a finished kitchen featuring a Jenn-air cook top, convection oven and granite countertops. The middle chamber contains a laundry room (the cave contains three natural springs and, after a heavy rain, as many as 14 waterfalls), storage and a dandy 80' x 80' meeting room.

The third, rearmost chamber still holds the stage used for musical performances. The 2.8 acre property is in the middle of town, but so heavily wooded that the owners can truthfully call it secluded.

At the time of this writing, the Sleepers have, amazingly, received no bids on their property, although the auction is being watched by 11,000 people so far.
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