Santelli blasted by White House press secretary


CNBC commentator Rick Santelli's rant against President Obama's economic stimulus package quickly became an internet sensation. When Lita Epstein posted the footage on DailyFinance, it received more than 450 comments.

The video also caught the attention of White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, who decided to use a a press conference as an opportunity to blast Mr. Santelli.

"I ... think that it's tremendously important that for people who rant on cable television to be responsible and understand what it is they're talking about," Gibbs said. "I feel assured that Mr. Santelli doesn't know what he's talking about."

Of course getting the attention of the White House has to have Santelli pretty pleased, but it's actually pretty appalling that Gibbs would so flippantly dismiss the thoughts of a commentator whose words, right or wrong, have clearly resonated with so many people.