Keep an online diary of your mug...every day


This is just so weird, I had to write about it.

And by weird, I don't mean "bad" or "wrong." I just mean -- it's different -- and yet so right for our times.

I've been checking out, a free online service where you either upload a head shot or take a picture with a web-cam.

If you do it the way the creators intended, you'll take a photo with a web-cam (because it's a quicker process), and your photo will be uploaded to the site, and you'll do this every day -- indefinitely. If is around forever, you can take a photo for yourself every day and have it uploaded to the site -- for the rest of your life.

You, your friends and family (and any hangers-on) can then go to and see the resulting slide show. If you do this for a year, for instance, you'll have 365 pictures of how you looked every single day. If you do this for years, you can, in a sense, literally watch yourself age. I know this because people have pictures on, available for strangers like myself to see how they're looking from day to day.