Hyundai introduces a new and improved 'Assurance" program

Earlier this month Aaron Crowe reported on Hyundai's "Assurance" program that lets buyers return that new car if they lose their jobs within a year of being hired.

But there was just one problem: If you lose your job and then give back your car, how exactly are you supposed to look for a new job? Hyundai has fixed that problem by modifying the program. Under "Assurance Plus," Hyundai will cover three months of payments while the recently laid-off buyer looks for a new job. If you're still out of work after that, you can return the car and owe nothing and maintain your credit rating.

What's great about this program is that, according to the press release, Hyundai actually makes the payments directly to the lender -- and doesn't simply tack the amount on to the end of the loan: "For qualifying consumers, this benefit helps them keep their vehicle for three months while attempting to replace their income. Hyundai Assurance Plus pays the lender a lump sum equal to 90 days of loan or lease payments."

It's a great deal -- far better than what any other car company is offering -- but it's still likely to come up short for most people who find themselves in the predicament of having bought a new Hyundai and then been fired. According to the experts, it takes an average of five to six months to find a new job after getting laid-off -- twice as long as Hyundai gives you, and it's likely to take longer than that in this economy.

The best solution is still to avoid gimmicks like this one and buy a quality used car with cash -- If you don't have enough in the bank to pay cash, it probably means that you should either buy a cheaper car or wait until you have saved more.