Ask the Dolans: How do I handle harassing debt collectors?


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We truly hope that you are never in the situation where you are forced to deal with a debt collector ... but as this financial crisis has gotten even more serious, more and more people are struggling to keep up with their bills. This is an incredibly stressful situation, made much worse by aggressive and sometimes unethical debt collectors.

If you are dealing with debt collectors, we want you to know your rights. Debt collectors have a job to do, but that doesn't mean they legally can harass or intimidate you. Here's how to fight back.

Dear Ken and Daria,

I have an ARM loan and, after missing only one payment, have started receiving harassing phone calls from debt collectors. How do I deal with them?


Are you being harassed by debt collectors? Ken and Daria explain your rights and help you manage your debt with exclusive tools at