See the country with 0% financing...but not here


One of the best ways to get people spending money is to get them traveling. Checking into hotels, eating in restaurants, touring attractions -- it all injects money into communities and gets economic pipelines flowing. Fortunately, such pursuits also have positive effects on a society, too -- educating, inspiring, and relaxing them.

Recognizing the many benefits of travel, and noting with alarm that international tourists stopped coming after last fall's market crash, Argentina's president put a novel plan in place. Any Argentine who wants to vacation in their own country can now do it on their credit cards with no interest due for six months. They call it the Plan to Stimulate Internal Tourism.

By enlisting the national Secretary of Tourism and the major credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cabal, and the Bank of the Nation's Nativa card), the scheme waives interest on purchases made in several categories: hotels, restaurants, and major attractions. So far, more than 500 participant vendors have signed up for the program.

In the case of purchases made with Visa, vacationers are offered up to six payments without interest, or if they book a package with a hotel stay, they can call Visa within two days and obtain financing of vacations valued up to US$729. MasterCard's plan is designed for hotels in Buenos Aires in an effort to get people in the countryside traveling.