--would you pimp your email to benefit your favorite cause?


Most of us have become accustomed to ads plopped into the emails we receive from users of free programs such as Gmail or Yahoo mail. Frankly, I don't even notice them anymore. However, a new service, wants you to turn that real estate into an opportunity to raise funds for your favorite charity. wants you to allow them to place ads from its network of advertisers, along with a promo for your chosen cause, in your email. It will then share a taste of the ad revenue it receives from advertisers with charities fighting cancer, AIDS, global warming, water pollution and world hunger, or fighting for animal rights, children's rights and educational opportunities.

At present, the number of charities listed as possible recipients are very limited, and some controversial causes such as gun rights and abortion aren't included. Until the site manages to recruit more high-profile not-for-profits as willing recipients, I question how many people will sign up. I've attempted to contact the company to find out just how much it donates per ad, but haven't received a response yet.

I'd have to have some assurance that the ads that would show up in my email wouldn't embarrass me. I'm not pimping acai berries, Internet pharmaceuticals or Viagra, no matter how much it would contribute to the fight against malaria or for a free press.