Best Buy facing hard times as more layoffs loom


Today, Best Buy announced plans to lay off 250 workers at its corporate headquarters in Richfield, Minnesota. Conversely, the retailer is adding 210 new corporate positions, yielding a net loss of 40 employees. Following a difficult third quarter, with a 77% drop in profits, Best Buy is hoping that these fresh layoffs will enable it to weather the current downturn in consumer spending.

On paper, this should be a great time for Best Buy. Following the January 16th demise of Circuit City, the big blue box store was the last man left standing, and analysts were quick to predict a 7% bump in sales. The general wisdom held that approximately 30% of Circuit City's $7.5 billion in annual sales would soon be flowing through Best Buy's doors, a figure that moved William Blair to raise the company's earnings target from $2 to $2.55.