Who will bail out the Feds?

Gary E. SattlerThey said it couldn't be done.
They were wrong.

Since the late 1970's I've been laughed at, both behind my back and in my face, for saying this day would come. Now, here it is. Your government, as proven by it's own financial declarations subject to GAAP calculations, is financially insolvent. There is now no earthly possibility that your government can ever repay it's debts. That is, no way short of an overt act of Almighty God.

All you need to do is read the recent article posted by worldnetdaily.com. That two minute read will expose to you just how hopelessly mired in debt your government is. The article states in part: "...total federal obligations under GAAP accounting now total $65.5 trillion....(which) not only now exceed four times the U.S. gross domestic product, or GDP, the $65.5 trillion deficit exceeds total world GDP."

Do you understand what that says? In short, it means that in one full year the entire world does not generate enough new capital value to cover America's current governmental debt load. The only thing keeping us afloat is that constant hum of currency presses you hear churning out phantom dollars. They call it "monetizing debt," and it means your cash is rapidly becoming nothing but trash.
The multi-billion dollar bailout which has recently been rolled across our faces is mere slight of hand. It might as well have been $500 trillion. It's a political boondoggle fashioned to keep people placated and fed until totalitarian facism and martial law are scheduled to kick in. I'm really sorry that I couldn't bring you better news, like where to get a free bologna sandwich or how to save $3 on you next tank of gas, but some things just need to take precidence.

Now pull your family close, and be thankful for what you may still have. Your country may soon be turned over to a global collection agency. Unfortunately, most of us know just how ugly that can sometimes get.
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