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The latest "Carnival of Personal Finance," hosted by the Canadian Personal Finance Blog, offers all sorts of advice for your money from every type of family personality -- the fatherly advice, brotherly advice, etc. WalletPop's contribution -- Lita Epstein's post on What the Proposed Stimulus Means to You, falls under motherly advice.

But maybe there should have been a section for a story like this under "Presidential advice," since the break-down of what will actually swing your way from the big government hand-out about to start is basically up to Obama as father-in-chief. What allowance will we get? What allowances will we pay for out of our own pockets for a very long time? We have yet to see any break down where the amount that an individual will save is greater than the cost per person of the entire billion-dollar package. So somehow, trying to get excited about an extra couple of bucks at the end of the year after our taxes are filed is a little muted.

The bill is coming sooner or later, putting a damper on the party. But that said, there's plenty of cheerier advice in this weekly round-up, so if you're looking for a boost to keep your spending habits sane, check out the various blogs contributing.