'Boring' cities in vogue as companies flee from posh resorts


Fargo, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Des Moines -- your 15 minutes of fame among the convention crowd may be coming.

In the past two weeks, some major corporations have canceled conventions to Las Vegas, not because of the costs but of the image it presents in a budget-conscious, times-are-hard country, the Associated Press reported a couple days ago. One of those companies was Wells Fargo & Co, which had received $25 billion in bailout money, and amidst criticism for the trip, was shamed into scrubbing a conference at two Las Vegas hotels.

And now a subsidiary of Wells Fargo & Co., Rural Community Insurance Services, a crop insurance company, has canceled a training session for 150 employees that was going to take place in St. Pete Beach, Florida -- and has rescheduled it for later in the year. It will be held in Indianapolis.