Who gains from Obama's housing plan?


President Obama said his new housing plan isn't designed to help "unscrupulous or irresponsible" homeowners, but is aimed at those stuck in high interest mortgages and those needing loan modifications, as long as they can prove they can afford the loan after modification. People who bought a lot more home than they can afford will not be helped by this program.

Basically there are two kinds of loan programs. The first programwill help those who are current on their home mortgage but can't refinance to a lower interest rate because their home has lost value. The second program will help those who are at risk of foreclosure with loan modification. Full details will be available on March 4, which is the first day you'll be able to apply for the new loan programs. Both programs are designed to help people who seek help with home loans on property they use as their primary residence. Investors are not eligible.