6 Ways To Make Working With Your Spouse ... Work


Working in a business setting with your spouse can be a tricky situation. Use these tips to avoid disaster.


On-the-job clashes took the romance out of our relationship until talk of divorce scared us into separating business from pleasure. Years ago, my husband, Lee and I decided to open our own hair-styling salon. This would allow us more time together and permit me some space to write in my spare time.

"It won't work," warned naysayers. We laughed and reassured them, "No way, Jose`. Don't rain on our parade!"

Yet, we'd only begun to set up the salon when we began to tussle over details, like where to hang mirrors and pricey versus non-pricey furniture for the waiting area. Then, the biggie-who's the boss? Lee's bossiness didn't set well with the new partner, me! And he didn't know how to handle this new businesswoman wife who stood up to him. And Lordy, listening to his same old jokes all day. Needless to say, by the time we got home, we were barely civil to each other.