Obama worship: Twenty bucks for $2-worth of coins?


Of all the poorly executed Obama exploitation memorabilia which I have seen, the following example has got to be the absolute worst.

Mind you now, I have seen some absolutely wonderful items which commemorate the amazing arrival of our new president. However, this particular "Obama coin set" is not one of them. What is even more distressing to me is that a man with the character of Montel Williams would choose to endorse such bogus ripoff crap. A video provided by KATU.com reveals the sad truth about these remarkably UN-collectable coins.

This particular Obama coin set sells for $19.95 plus shipping and handling. What is most upsetting, is that these coins are nothing more than regular American coins with Obama stickers applied to them. In true fact, consumers who fall for this deal will receive $2 worth of legal tender coins with stickers applied to them. Nowhere in the offer is that fact revealed.

The good news is that the offer does come with a 60-day money back guarantee for those few customers who recognize a true ripoff when holding it in their hands.