Microfinance in the U.S.A. about to explode?


How would you like a couple thousand dollars to start your own business or keep it afloat?

What if you have the idea for a business but lack a network of support and training to get started? If you have a business, or want to start one, with five or less employees then you're a microenterprise and qualify for a microloan.

There are non-profits near you that can help you get a microloan of up to $35,000 and the tools and training you need to use that loan to its fullest.

This is all part of the microlending phenomenon that's been slowly growing in our country for the past 30 years and is picking up steam as a result of the credit freeze. The stimulus bill that President Obama signs today will give $6 million to fund microloans this year and $24 million to market and manage microlending programs.