Bus company sells $1 tickets between New York and Washington


As if in answer to prayers for transportation savings, another low-cost shuttle bus service has started operations between New York City and Washington, DC. This one is called Tripper Bus, and it started driving on Friday. Initial fares for the earliest bookers for each one-way trip are just $1 as long as you're the first to make a reservation for a given run. Then tickets rise to $5 and $10, and finally top out at $25 one-way. The shuttle runs between Arlington, VA, or Bethesda, MD, and New York City.

Although West Coasters have tried and failed to get similar systems off the ground, East Coasters know and love these multiplying bus companies, which became popular for students between who needed to jaunt between Manhattan and Boston cheaply. In the beginning, they were called "Chinatown shuttles" because that's literally what they did: linked Asian neighborhoods in both cities for nearly nothing ($15 is a standard fare.) Unlike its predecessors, this one's Manhattan stop is centrally located: right outside of Macy's in Midtown.