Working moms: It's getting hectic out there (but what else is new?)


Companies downsize. Employers cut staff. CEOs lower wages. But what do moms do when the economy tanks? They roll up their sleeves and work even harder, that's what.

Recently, Office Depot asked more than 500 working mothers how they were coping with the downturn. While many said they were struggling with hectic schedules and more demands on their time, the overwhelming majority continued to pile on more responsibilities -- both on the job and at home. In fact, two out three working moms said they're now having trouble keeping track of it all.

The survey, conducted in January among employed women with at least one child under 18 at home, found as many as 87% said the added pressure was forcing them to get better organized for the year ahead. Though many were cutting back on household spending, 65% believed they could save money by running a tighter ship.