United Airlines disconnects its complaints telephone number


United Airlines has heard you. It has decided that it's high time it stopped using India-based call centers. As of the end of this month, dissatisfied customers will no longer be forced to contend with a call center in Bangalore or in Mexico.

Yes, United is through with it. That's because it's canning its customer complaints line altogether.

From now on, if you have a complaint with the doddering airline (a distinct possibility), you'll have to get out your poison pen. Starting in March, it will be disconnecting its customer complaints line and will only accept correspondence by letter or by e-mail. Call the airline's toll-free line to complain, and you'll be given an address to use. The airline will still take your money by phone, but not your guff. The 165 Indians and Mexicans once paid to deal with customer dissatisfaction are being sent to the unemployment line.