Free hearing aid batteries

Energizer is offering free batteries for hearing aids.

What was that?

ENERGIZER IS OFFERING FREE... Oh never mind. No need to yell. Good thing this is readable and isn't radio.

To get the free sample of its new perforated package of hearing aid batteries, either fill out the online form or call 1-866-449-EARS. It ought to be an interesting phone conversation if your battery is low.

Energizer advertises that the perforations make it easier to take along only the number of batteries you need, and the foil seal keeps them clean and protected until needed. One of the best advantages, I think, are the longer, wider tabs that make the batteries easier to hold and install. I fumbled with some recently for a temperature gauge we have, and would have welcomed some tabs for those small batteries.

Alas, I'll have to wait until my hearing is bad enough to need a hearing aid and these small hearing aid batteries. It may be sooner than I think. All of the Queen music from my youth is catching up with me.