"Obamify" your Valentine's Day--for free


Whether you're trying to exorcise the memories of your ex or just happy to have a president you love, ScanCafe has a Valentine's treat for you. They will "Obamify" any romantic picture for you. You send them the picture of you and your ex-boyfriend, they take the boyfriend out and put Obama in. Magic!

Photojojo describes this free service as "It's realistic! Convincing! Not creepy at all! (:-/)" You don't even have to re-write your personal history if you don't want to. You can also stand next to a smiling Obama if you have a picture of yourself just standing alone looking pretty.

And it's free. ScanCafe, which is one of those neat services that scans in all your old family pictures, warns that you'll get an email with an estimate, but "be assured, your quote will be $0."