Hooray! Survey says that we love our jobs


Do you hate your job or enjoy going into work? If Adecco, an international human resources company, is correct, most people love what they're doing.

The American wing of this Swiss-headquartered company puts out a lot of what they call Workplace Insight surveys, and with its latest, it found that 78% of us love what we do, even more than we did before the recession hit. Perhaps people have embraced their jobs even more because everyone is more reflective in these serious times, or because everyone's so grateful to have a job, they've transferred that gratitude into passion.

Whatever the case, who cares? It's such a nice, positive thing to hear, that over three-fourths of Americans love their jobs -- much more so than the economy stinks, and we're all ready to jump off a cliff.

But with the good news comes some ugly truths. We might like our job, but most of us would rather be doing something else. According to the survey, of 2,158 U.S. adults, the majority of us (56%) would have chosen a different career path had we known then what we know today.

Still, every Monday morning, when most people begin work, only 9% of us dread starting a new work week. According to the survey, 21% of us are truly excited to start work on a Monday morning, 41% of employees are at least carrying feelings of appreciation as they begin their day, and 21% of Americans are thoroughly jazzed to be at work. Finally, the survey admits, 26% of us remain indifferent to where we have to be on a given Monday morning.

Given the 7.6% national unemployment rate, I'd hazard a guess that the majority of Americans would show up early Monday morning anywhere that promises them a regular paycheck.