What Depression? Long distance relationships can thrive in bad times


Right now you need your loved ones more than ever. That's why you shouldn't shy away from having a long distance love affair or relationship. If you fall into one, fall. Trust me, I carried on a long distance relationship for two years and now we live together. And if I'm to believe a psychic in Ukraine, he could be the one. (Hear that, boy?)

You can have a long distance relationship (LDR), even in this economy, just focus on these perks and strategies:

  • LDR's give you the best of both worlds: you have your freedom to focus on friends, your work, your goals, and projects, unless you're Johnny Drama from Entourage, then just get obsessive and carry around your webcam wherever you go. If not, then enjoy your space! Meanwhile, your sweetheart is just a phone call, steamy email, or webcam away. Use your time apart to be productive. Build your business, take classes, put in extra time getting ahead (or just keeping your job) at work.