Need a home? Ask Obama

Henrietta Hughes, the homeless Florida woman who asked President Obama for help at a town hall meeting on the economic stimulus plan, is moving out of her pickup truck and into the home of a state representative.

Earlier this week, Chene Thompson, the wife of Florida state Rep. Nick Thompson, offered to let Hughes and her adult son live in a house she owns in LaBelle, Fla. Hughes, who is on disability for cancer, was facing a two-year waiting list at her local housing department.

During a Q&A after Obama's speech in Ft. Myers on Monday, Hughes told the president she needed "something more than the vehicle and the parks to go to. We need our own kitchen and our own bathroom. Please help."

After kissing her cheek, the president promised to do everything he could, adding that there "are a lot of people like you."

Of course, that heart-warming scene has some questioning how Hughes got access to the event, let alone a front-row seat, suggesting the exchange was staged by the administration.

Florida is widely considered the epicenter of the nation's housing crisis. Until recently, the state's growth was driven by real estate gains, which collapsed last year amid the subprime mortgage scandal.

The billion-dollar federal stimulus plan includes measures to help homeowners pay their mortgages.

Deborah Barrow is Editor-in-Chief of wowOwow.

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