Desperately seeking diapers: Octuplets mom launches website

Nadya Suleman, the 33-year-old single mother of six who recently gave birth to eight more children through in-vitro treatments, has launched a Web site asking for donations to help support her growing family.

The site, which accepts payments by Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover and PayPal, features photos of her eight newborns, as well as their names, gender and birth order. It also provides an address for cash donations and other goods. A spokesperson for the family has declined to comment on the proceeds.

Suleman, who is facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in child care costs, currently lives with her divorced parents in California. She has already spent $50,000 in grad-school loans, while disability payments awarded after an on-the-job injury have run out. She receives food stamps and disability payments for three of her 14 children.

According to her new website, the octuplets are "all healthy and growing stronger by the day." It describes Suleman as a "proud mother of 14."

The issue has put heat on fertility clinics. Nearly a third of in-vitro treatments result in multiple births, raising the risk of low birth weights, long-term disabilities and costly medical bills.

Guidelines adopted last year by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine encourage fertility doctors to transfer only one embryo in women under 35, and no more than five in older women.

Deborah Barrow is Editor-in-Chief of wowOwow.
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