Cheap sex! (brand name lingerie for a buck: One day sale at 99-Cent Only stores)

This Friday the 13th, 99-Cent Only Stores are offering a famous maker 3-piece lingerie set for only 99 cents to the first 99 people who spend $19.99 at participating stores. They're not allowed to advertise the brand name, but this could be quite a find for some of you last-minute Romeos out there.

True, it's not a great deal unless you really need $20 bucks worth of other things but these stores have plenty to offer, from fresh fruits and vegetables to whipped cream. And don't try to score two or more lingerie sets, 'cause there's a limit of one per household. That only seems fair.

If you miss out on that deal, the 99-Cent Only ad also features ladies underwear from a famous brand for only 99 cents each. Again, 99-Cent Only Stores aren't allowed to mention the maker in its advertising. So you can only wonder which one got caught with too many thongs on their hands?

In the same Valentine flyer, 99-Cent Only Stores get playful with its Valentine tips for Romeos featuring "Good Choice" "Bad Choice" ideas.

Good choices include a 13" tall chocolate rose in a box, a 2-pack of champagne flutes, Jordache fragrances and Valentine plush. In the bad choice column, snore relief, anti-wrinkle gel patch, a pregnancy test and a mop. Well, you get the idea.

There are lots of Valentine chocolates to choose from and don't forget to pick up a gift bag and card while you're in the store. Dollar store greeting cards have come a long way from the cheap graphics and corny verses of days gone by.
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