Create your own deal page with My Coupons


Deal sites and coupon repositories are a dime a dozen, which can make it difficult to find the coupons you want from the stores you frequent without a lot of searching. That's where a new service from, called MyCoupons, comes in. My Coupons boasts a wide array of retailers, over 1,000, but its goal is to provide a narrowed down list filled only with offers from retailers you shop at.

The initial selection of retailers is impressive and while some coupons are nothing more than a link to weekly specials, there are plenty of valuable coupons. Even with the 37 stores I added to my coupon page, it was easy to find coupons for $10 off my next purchase at, $10 off a $20 purchase at Aeropostale and numerous other 10-15% off coupon codes.

After you setup your account, which only takes a few minutes, you can choose to have your coupons emailed to you once a week, or just when there is a new coupon posted to your select group of retailers. This is a handy way to make sure you don't miss out on any good deals. Another cool feature is the ability to share your coupon list with others either via email or linking to your page. For example if you want to see my store selections you can visit Josh Smith's My Coupon Page and see the deals I am tracking.

If My Coupons can continue to provide the same high value, up-to-date coupon codes it has right now, it could change the online coupon landscape. The only downside to tailoring your coupon page in this fashion is that you're more likely to miss out on the truly amazing deals that only come to light on dedicated deal sites like fatwallet and In the end, My Coupons does exactly what claims to and does it superbly -- earning it a spot in this dealhunter's toolkit.