Busted but in love? Try Valentine's Day dinner at Waffle House

Valentine hot dog
Valentine hot dog

There was a time when my bride and I celebrated Valentine's Day in a white cloth restaurant lit by candlelight and spiced with romantic music. If we lived in the south, we could continue this tradition, even in year two of the Re-pression, although the fare may be a bit more humble. I'm sure, though, that my honey will be as thrilled as I am to share our special day at the Waffle House.

Last year, a Waffle House in John's Creek, Georgia decided to cut itself in on the Valentine's Day action and offered special, reservation-only dinners for two, complete with fancy linens and decorations. Diners reacted favorably to this opportunity to share pecan waffles and home fries before returning home for some good old-time smothering and covering (for the uninitiated, these are terms used by Waffle house to describe the addition of onions and cheese to its home fries).

Waffle House isn't the only five-buck restaurant offering this type of deal- a New Mexico McDonald's even saw a marriage proposal made at their special dinner last year (see below). Participating White Castle locations offer the Love Castle promotion, like Waffle House a white table cloth, candlelight dinner heavy on the onions. One hopes the aperitif is minty!