Would you buy a condo on a barge?


Condominiums have a reputation for being not quite as exciting as single-family homes. But a new Houston-based condominium development that runs along the Mississippi River is looking to change that.

RISMedia reports
that "The Marquette is a 600 foot long, 108 foot wide vessel consisting of four river barges connected to form a platform, which will house 185-200 condo units. The Marquette will travel a total of 6,600 miles along the Mississippi, connecting rivers and inter-coastal waterways, annually, while providing residents the journey of a lifetime."

to The Associated Press, a year-round condo on The Marquette will set you back as much as $1.8 million. Earlier reports had pegged the price as low as $299,000, although the condo fees would likely be astronomical.

The barge is not yet built and I'll be surprised if it ever does come to fruition. To begin with, these aren't really condos. They're suites on a boat, and awfully expensive ones at that. Most people buy condos at least partly for investment, and this would seem to be an exceptionally poor investment. But it's still a nifty idea, and the drawings look pretty cool.