Facebook photos destroy job opportunities


In a job market as tight as this one, you absolutely cannot afford to give employers any reason to eliminate you from the competition.

Unfortunately a lot of job hunters are doing just that by posting questionable material on their Facebook pages. A UK survey of human resources managers found that 32% use social networking sites to gather personal and behavioral information on prospective employees. A fully 24% have lost interest in a potential employee because of objectionable social networking discoveries, especially drunken photos and obnoxious comments.

A friend recently told me about a man who was applying for a job at his law firm but lost out because "Lubin' Yo Mama" was listed as one of his hobbies. Needless to say, he was not hired.

Some people think that they can get away with anything by simply making their Facebook profiles visible only to friends. But wouldn't it be better to craft your Facebook page as something that would be attractive to potential employers -- a chance to show that you're a classy guy even outside of resumes and interviews?

If you're applying for multiple jobs, there's an extremely good chance that at least one hiring manager will check your Facebook profile. Don't embarass yourself with it and, if possible, consider using it as a sort of guerilla self-promotional tool. Above all: Keep it classy.